Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Getting from Here.. to There!

Eeeek! Nearly 10 days since I last posted, very naughty. Okay. I've been busy puttering around the homestead at True North, fixing stuff and some new construction.

First, we have a new store teleport system installed at True North. For awhile I've had some thoughts about improving signage, traffic flow and such at the main store and thought this would help. There are about 10 of these things located around at the various areas.

Now, I really did build True North to be a pleasant walkabout, so I have also provided a Site Map that people can Touch and get a copy of. So for those who still prefer to walk around the place, they have a little pictorial guidance.

Hopefully, navigating around and finding stuff is going to be a piece of cake now for True North visitors.


There's nothing like a new building project to get me absorbed and forgetting all about this blog and just about everything else!

As of now, we have an expansion to the Fountain Court, in the form of a 100 meter square upper platform - henceforth to be designated the Upper Fountain Court. I've been busy setting up some of my larger fountains there, along with the waterfalls and high water jets in their own long marble pool. It's still under construction, and I'll be adding things as time goes along, but perfectly safe to go up and explore :)

The smaller, more compact fountains/water features will remain on the ground level Fountain Court. to get from here to there.. a long distance teleport of course. And those are now installed as well. The up version is sitting right beside the store teleporter at the Fountain Court - it's a little birdbath type affair with a water ball in it. Touch the water ball and awwaaaay we go!

This was hilarious - started off sitting on the thing at an impossible angle, but finally figured out the sit rotation so one is actually sitting at a dignified angle upon landing at the destination. There's a duplicate up on the Upper Fountain Court platform for returning to the ground, both suitably signed so hopefully people can figure out how to use them!

Oh, and along the way, there's a brand new fountain offering, the Stone Angel Fountain, which features a sculpted praying, kneeling angel. I've set that out on the lower Fountain Court for its SL debut!

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