Monday, February 9, 2009


Well, the lion is bagged, the fountain is done, the customer is happy with it!
Can't be more satisfied than that.

Here's the neat crouching lion I made. I did this in SculptStudio, what a fantastic tool and whoever made that is a genius!

Here it is full view at night. Very stunning.

Speaking of stunning, I got bagged from the Xstreet Forums today! LOL. I think I've posted to those Forums maybe 50 times total in over two years..if that:-) heh, never had time to post incessant commentary there or participate in the usual gab and whine, but today I posted a parcel for sale and for the second time, forgot to put FOR SALE right in the title - so since it's the second time and that means I..'repeatedly' contravened their Forum posting rules, I got suspended for seven days from their Forum. Some people really do have their heads in dark places don't you agree? Now, I can't relate this to LL recently buying out Xstreet because before the merger, old SLX was just as silly and childish as this. Maybe the merger will improve the moronism we see there that passes for posting rules in that forum.. or maybe not.

No problem I got plenty to do in the next week and am sure I will live through it!

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