Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yes. That is a crab on my shoulder.

So. I guess I should fill in with some history of my sojourn in SL to date.

I was invited by a friend way back in 2005 to come join SL!
I did make a cursory trip in, but didn't look at the place very hard and decided, 'eh, I don't care for this' and went off doing my other stuff. A few months later the invitation came again, only for whatever reason, this time I came in, got thoroughly oriented and then bolstered up by my already-here friends, and .... I got bitten by the building bug!

Am still suffering from the infection today.

I started off building jewelry and that has been fascinating. When I look back at what I used to make, I KNOW I have only improved by a wide margin!:)
And, one thing led to another. Next it was furniture. Actually, you wouldn't think it, but there was a connection from one direct to the next and that was SIZE. When I first got in here and looked at a lot of the jewelry (and then I noticed the furniture).. it was all so damn BIG! I'd see these enormous chain links hanging round people's necks (you know, the pimp daddy look?)..and rings the size of ostrich eggs on their hand practically smacking you in the gob, and I couldn't figure out why people made such unrealistic looking jewelry.

So, I started making very tiny prims, in fact sometimes customers wanted me to 'make it bigger please!'. I think I've found a happy medium and of course, I am really eclectic in my likings so I do like to experiment with different genres and styles of jewelry. I've made some very, very fine delicate stuff, but lately, I've been on an art deco kick (started off with my buildings) and I've been producing some slightly larger sized jewelry pieces, more 'in-your-face-Nooo-Yawk' style if you will :) Here's one recent creation - Fifth Avenue - gorgeous, big, gold and diamond.. very stylish and looks faboo with the right evening gown!

When I first came in world, of course I didn't have any land to speak of, so I rented space in a very busy mall that one of my friends rented in, Promenade, and business went well there. I did the satellite thing for awhile, but eventually, by the end of 2006, I had enough land (and I was making all kinds of other items too by then!), that I decided to jettison the satellite mode, and I established my main shopping complex, True North Designs, in Goun sim. I'm still there today and last January, I even did a total makeover of my stores (besides Dellybeams Gem Gallery, there is also my main True North Designs building with home and office furnishings, fountains, gift and scripted items etc, my Northern Lights Company, 101 Delmations and DellyciousWear).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inner tubing

Get a load of my updated Profile pic, lol. I took this in SL of course but man, wouldn't you just love to really be doing this? Especially if you live in a not warm place!

Now, my SL pals would tell you, 'oh that pic is so deceiving, that delly she is a crazy woman, working and making stuff all the time'. And, ok there is some truth to this. I've been building stuff in SL for two and a half years now and I'm still not tired of it! I LOVE building and still have new ideas bursting out all over into various avenues.. but! when I get the chance, I like to kick back and listen to the sound of the SL waves whether it be sitting on the virtual seashore or totally zoned out as on this new lil True North blue tube I made as a cool freebie water toy to inaugurate the opening of a beach and patio store I've just set up in this sim called Zeord.

Ya'll have to come over and visit my place sometime. It's really great here, love the ambience with the tropical visuals and the sounds. The neighbors have all been great! Something you can't always say in SL.. remind me to tell you about 'Cyndeeeee' sometime! The folks around have mostly all popped over to say hi, how are ya and 'boy this is an improvement over the last owner!' Nice to hear that:)

This was a lucky purchase after I persuaded a friend he'd be better off getting the large water front parcel in Zeord rather than the skinny cramped one nearby in a sim with a fairly unpronounceable name (what are those Linden namers smoking anyways?!)

My friend really was needing a new parcel with a tropical beach setting to establish an appropriate venue for marketing his beach clothing for guys and this one is highly suited to that.

It seemed like a good idea to buy up some parcels nearby my friend, and park my beach and patio furniture in the same setting, as my main furniture store was starting to get a little pinched for both space and prims.

Both of us had a lot of fun designing and constructing 'store' settings that kept everything very open and casual and allowing free flow and I think we nailed it really. Had a lot of fun adding little details. One of our small neighbors between us decided he'd set up a wharf style shop on his 512 and get into the action, so we are really cooking now! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Truly..I didn't wanna do it!

I'm basically a bit of a laissez-faire git, but seems I have to bite a bullet (or two) and launch a blog to relay info and tidbits of news and updates. Maybe I'll find my element and start waxing eloquent (hey that rhymes! sorta) about my SL adventures in creating stuff.
Easy to set up here for sure, now comes the work(arghh!) of keeping up with it me own self.

So, here 'tis.

We're on!