Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lion Hunting in SL

See? Told you I was a bit of a lazy one when it comes to keeping up this sort of stuff. I've been busy the past few days doing RL (sigh), and then also, I have a new project! Some guy investigates my Fountain Court and decides I'm the one to build him a fountain to decorate his shopping sim. So, I go and look. This place is ENORMOUS, with this huge main building that looks something like the palace of Versailles and a whole mall of shops and underground stores and BIG. EMPTY.SPACE.. right in front of his main store. That's where the fountain is going to be. And not just any fountain. I got shown a variety of photographs and samples. This is going to be a B.I.G fountain, with lots of water streams, critters, human figures if possible, lights! heh, maybe.

Here's a shot of the work-in-progress.

Did I mention, it's going to be BIG?! There's little bitty me standing on the rim to give you an idea of scale.

I decided to go for gargoyles spitting the water spouts as they are a pretty classic figure on these old world type fountains and here is a shot of the cutie I got from a sculpty-maker friend, Bethi Cattaneo (great gargoyle Bethi!)

Isn't he great? However, middle of job consultation with the prospective owner reveals he wasn't greatly keen on gargoyles, so I'm on the hunt for a decent looking lion to incorporate into this fountain, then I'll script up a menu so the owner can adjust all the water particles and sound and that should do it!

I'll try to check in regularly during my safari!

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