Thursday, March 5, 2009

Got Your Irish Up?

Wow, another couple of weeks have fled past. I've been one busy SLer. Have completed a decorating project for Prim Perfect and you'll see some articles about that in this month's Prim Perfect magazine. This involved a cozy little townhouse set in Dublin2. If you've never visited the original Dublin and this Dublin2, do search it on Map and hop over, a GREAT place to walk around and enjoy the ambience.

The deco project of course generated a LOT of new things, and for the month of March, I've got that all set up in a neat display on the main floor of my Home Furnishings building at True North Designs. There are several MLP animated pieces of furniture to try out so come on down and play! You'll especially enjoy the bedjumping animation :)

Also, as Paddy's day approaches, I've produced some new jewelry just for the occasion, and that's available at the Dellybeams outlet at True North as well. You'll see that as you head in the door of the Dellybeams/DellyciousWear building, to the left of the big court clock. Dellybeams has undergone a little reconstruction too as I've made some new men's jewelry items and needed just a bit more room to squeeze stuff in. I know how men love to run in, get what they want, and run out of stores too, so I've made a little section just for them, then they don't have to hunt through that girlie stuff to find it! The new stuff for guys is just awaiting some box art which a friend is doing up for me and it'll be ready to go!

During March, when you come down to the store in Goun, please take a minute to do my store survey. Answer just the one question, and the big green question mark will give you a cute black shamrock ottoman gratis!

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