Friday, May 15, 2009

Including the Kitchen Sink

While we're on the subject of houses a friend of mine recently saw and fell in love with one of Nikki Brennan's lovely homes, the Terra. The house was duly purchased and set up at my friend's property and now has ensued the great fun of furnishing and fitting it up.

This particular house had a perfect-sized nook near the curving staircase to set up a kitchen, which my friend decided she wanted. We tried out both my Full and Compact sized kitchens (you can get the floor templates for 0L at my store on the third floor where the kitchens are displayed), and we discovered the Compact size was a near perfect fit, with just a few upgrades.

Our upgrades included adding the pantry/broom cupboard to fill the remaining corner on the right, stretching the floor tile to fit perfectly plus selecting a new grey flagstone texture, and I did up a new color of beautiful tawny oak cabinetry to complement the colors present in the stone, stucco and flooring of the house.

The result was a very pleasing, warm corner of the house for socializing with friends!

This kitchen includes a working sink, dishwasher and fridge doors and the new pantry/cupboard doors open and close with appropriate sounds too. Perfect place to store the broom! As well, there is a drinks server behind the stained glass cabinet door, just Touch and order. The kitchen provides both an overhead pendant light plus smaller versions of the same over the eating bar.
My friend decided to round out her kitchen with four stools and we applied the tawny wood texture to those too. The stools feature a menu control from which one can select 4 sits.

I'll be doing up both my Full and Compact Kitchens in this beautiful tawny oak wood for general sale and they'll be available up on the third floor of my Home Furnishings building in Goun. These kitchens are provided with Mod/Copy permissions too so textures and sizing can be adjusted for a custom fit that looks built to order.

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