Thursday, May 14, 2009

Barefoot and Busy in or rather, at, Barefoot!

One of the things that has had my attention during the past two months has been participating in getting the homes/commercial buildings platform of my friend Jeremey Ryan up and going. I got detailed to furnish the show homes that Jer has been getting ready for sale, plus, he very kindly allowed me to rez up and show two of my own houses.

Please do come and visit. Barefoot Homes & Designs is a very neat place, well designed and built never mind the great houses and commercial builds which are available. It's just like a little town itself with street lamps and signs, welcome area, golf carts to drive around in as you tour around checking out the different displays.(no public toilets yet but I'll keep working on Jer on that one!)

Here's one of my houses, the West Coast Classic:

Isn't that slick with the street signs showing exactly where the house is on the corner of Residential Lane and Snafu Avenue?

The West Coast Classic is a contemporary 1 1/2 story design with living room/kitchen and patio/verandah areas down and a bedroom loft with built in shower up the ramp stair case. It comes with some built in lighting features in the front hall and a dome light outside the front door. There are privacy window features and door locking included.

I've furnished this house with some laid back funky style texture change furniture featuring light pine wood supports and rails and there is bedroom as well as living room furnishings available in this design. I'm still working on a couple cuddle chaise to go with the bedroom furniture. Right now, you can buy the living room furniture and the bed on site at the house display or it's also available at my main True North Designs store in Goun in the home furnishings building. On site you'll also notice a curved front oak and stone fireplace and a custom fitted kitchen are available if you are interested in having those to put in your West Coast Classic house!

Next time I'll talk about my Kobe asian bungalow and also show some peeks at some of Jer's wonderful houses that are also open for display and available for purchase.

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